After The Rain

It’s rainy season right and, the only thing that makes up for the rotten metal smell that I hate so much, are the flowers that comes out during these months. Over the weekend, I┬ávisited Kirigamine Highland, which isn’t very far from Matsumoto city. The hydrangeas are in bloom and they are gorgeous!

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Cherry Blossom Night

The last time I went to see cherry blossoms in the states was about 15+ years ago. Every time I would make plans the next day to go see them in the capital, the rain would always make it to them first. I am so glad I got to see them this year! Through out […]

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Soho Hotel Onsen Resort

While every other cities are all warmed up by now, Matsumoto is still super chilly, especially from evening until morning! So~~~~~~~, to combat this crazy Nagano weather, there is only one solution. ONSEN!!!! duh~~~~~~~~~,lol. Well, to be fair… you can go to an onsen any day, any time, any month (you get the picture..) you […]

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