Winter Fishing

【Advertisement】 Hey! HAPPY NEW YEARS!! I know it’s been a good while since I’ve posted. But, I promise I have a good excuse which will reflect on future posts. Last year had been a bit crazy and the months just rapidly rolled by!. This year, my resolution is to be more active!!. Over the weekend, […]

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Lunchtime Goodness (二代目丸源)

I’m starting to REALLY love Japanese ramen. Every shop has their own way of doing it, and they are always so well presented and, delicious (most of the times). This shop in particular has probably became my favorite ramen shop in Matsumoto (so far). On weekends, my husband and I normally go to this little […]

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After The Rain

It’s rainy season right and, the only thing that makes up for the rotten metal smell that I hate so much, are the flowers that comes out during these months. Over the weekend, I visited Kirigamine Highland, which isn’t very far from Matsumoto city. The hydrangeas are in bloom and they are gorgeous!

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