After The Rain



It’s rainy season right and, the only thing that makes up for the rotten metal smell that I hate so much, are the flowers that comes out during these months. Over the weekend, I visited Kirigamine Highland, which isn’t very far from Matsumoto city. The hydrangeas are in bloom and they are gorgeous! They also have other flowers throughout the area like, lilies, tulips, and other flowers in bloom this month. It’s a great place for photography lovers. When I was there, there was loads of photographers taking pictures of the hydrangea and the white bark trees (what ever their proper name is..). I was only there during the daytime, and it was humid!. Since it is a resort location, there are varies activities around the place. I only went there to take pictures, and not much anything else, but one activity I know they have there is hang gliding. That does sound a little interesting to do someday..and hiking… Oh yea! dogs are allowed!

We rented a go cart that you can drive up to the top of the mountain. At the top, you can see the famous view of Mt. Fuji, along with other neighboring alps along side each other.

The lily field, among other stops up the trail you can visit.




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  1. You updated Bolg,didn’t you!!Let me know dayoooo!!lol

    Actually,I really like hydrangeas!!the most favorite in flowers ne!!!
    They looks gorgeous!! hydrangeas consist of many small fowers!!It looks cute!!I love(*’ω’*)
    And also my baby doughter’name means lilies! Her name is YURIKA.
    Lilies is called YURI in JAPANESE(´◉◞౪◟◉)
    I like both of flowers☆彡
    Recently,I have been interesting in flowers!!
    so I want to grow flowes with my kids!!And also I wanna go to see flowers like there with kids!!
    I envy you☆彡

    1. Hydrangeas are gorgeous~~~~ i love the pink ones. oh~, I didnt know lilies is Yuri in japanese ^^.oh oh! right now is a good season to go see flowers at garden ne!!!. you should have lots of fun with your kids~~~!.

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