Lunchtime Goodness (二代目丸源)



I’m starting to REALLY love Japanese ramen. Every shop has their own way of doing it, and they are always so well presented and, delicious (most of the times). This shop in particular has probably became my favorite ramen shop in Matsumoto (so far).

On weekends, my husband and I normally go to this little ramen shop (nidaime marugen). My husband insisted that we go there because it’s one of his favorite ramen shop. well…., I didn’t really have a choice, lol.

I alway order a normal size but despite that, the amount is always more than for one person. Goyza, is never an option of whether to order or not (I’m a sucker for them!), because they are so~ yummy!. They have other side dishes as well, but I haven’t really explored around to much. We went during lunch hours so, I ordered one of the lunch sets available. It came with ramen and, fried rice.

The flavor is miso based, which you can never go wrong with. It’s not to salty, which I prefer more, than compared to something like, soy sauce based. Shredded cabbages sits on top of the soup base, with some fresh chopped green onions. On the side of the bowl, a  thin crispy sheet of nori sits on the side. Lastly, you get this huge slice of pork, that’s almost the size of my face (lol). Huge, soft, literally EVERYTHING!, lol. Under all of this deliciousness, you got ramen noodles that somewhat has a slight egg taste (which I do like).
Oh yea! I almost forgot about the crushed black sesame seeds, that floats around in the, aromatic…YUM~~!.

On to the second dish!.
When I first saw it placed down in front of me I immediately thought, “…TUNA?!!..NoOOOoo..!!”. It was served in a burning hot, ceramic pan. On top the rice, fresh chopped green onion is sandwiched in between the rice and tuna fish!. I’ve never had tuna, or any kind of fish for that matter, with my fried rice before so, I wasn’t sure how I felt about it when I saw that in front of me. It was actually REALLY GOOD!. The tuna wasn’t soggy and, had bit of a pan fried, crispy texture and taste. The egg was nicely done as well, with crispy edges.

I really need to start having more faith in these weird (to me) food combos more often.

A good, affordable, ramen restaurant, with many yummy foods to treat your tastebuds. The food are never boring (from my experiences), with friendly services and relaxed atmosphere. A great place to eat and chat with family and friends.



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