Let’s turn your plain bowl of ramen into something special!

Today’s recipe is a special one so, I’m very excited to be sharing this recipe with you today!.

If you are like me, I love dishes that incorporate lemon into the recipe. However, that does not mean I love sour food, just dishes with lemon (lol).

With the use of rosemary, chicken and lemon added into this simple ramen base, it tastes reminds me so much of a ramen version of herb chicken. YUMMY!.


Lemon and Chicken breast Ramen (Salt-base)


Ingredient (1 serving)

  • Instant noodles salty (1 bag) * Sapporo Ichiban is recommended.
  • Chicken fillet (one, with streak)
  • Salt (appropriate amount for cooking chicken breast)
  • Sake or water (slightly for cooking chicken breast)
  • Lemon (1/4)
  • Black Pepper (appropriate amount)
  • Rosemary (appropriate amount) (Fresh rosemary is recommended, but dried is OK, too)


How to make

The recipe is super easy!!

1) Slice the lemon.


2)  Put the chicken breast on a bakeware and sprinkle with salt and sake (or water).


3) Wrap the plate with plastic wrap, and heat in the microwave.

(500W for 2 minutes or, 600W for 1 minute and 40 seconds)

This time, the chicken fillet was cooked in the microwave, but it can be boiled (in a separate pot).


4) Flip the chicken to the other side and repeat.

Watch out not to get burn, as it is hot! ! ! (500W for 1 minute or, 600W for 50 seconds)


5) After the chicken cooled down, separate the chicken breast with a fork, or with a knife.


6) Prepare to cook the bag of ramen according to the bag instruction.

Don’t forget to add the flavoring power/bag that’s included.

7)  Serve the ramen in a bowl, add the chicken, pepper, lemon and rosemary and complete!

Enjoy Your delicious Noodle!!


Additional suggestions…

Add the butter-fried asparagus or the sliced ​​onion and it’s very delicious!

Frying the chicken fillet on a skillet instead of using the microwave brings a whole new flavor and texture. (My preferred way to prepare the chicken!)

Adding a few fresh basil leaves into the dish is a must-try!

Have a wonderful Lazy Cooking Life and Enjoy Japanese Food!!