Bacon and Corn Nattō – Japanese Food –


Today’s Lazy Recipe is bacon & corn natto !

I have never come across anyone that told me, they don’t like bacon. I just love a piece of good crispy bacon, especially the one with a lot of fat!

It may be unhealthy for the body, but good things are just hard to resist! In this recipe, Japanese bacon is used, however, any kind would be ok, too!

Please cook the bacon lightly for this recipe or be sure that it is ok to be consumed as is. The bacon shown here is pre-cooked and no prior cooking is needed. Also, please make sure to use fresh eggs.

If you are nervous about salmonella, you can opt it out.


Bacon and Corn Nattō


Ingredient (1 serving)

  • Natto (1 pack)
  • Thick sliced ​​bacon (40-50g. Thin slices are OK)
  • Corn (appropriate amount of 10g is enough)
  • Egg yolk (one)
  • Green onion


How to make

It’s super easy!

1.  Cut bacon into dices


2.  Mix the natto with the sauce (Soy source and Mustard)


4.  Mix in the corn, green onions and bacon together with the natto

※ Because it is likely to overflow, it may be better to mix it with another container.


5.  Pour the mix on top of the rice ball, and make a little spacing in the center of the bowl, to add in the yolk.


6.  Complete with egg yolk! ( the yolk broke, but you get the idea, lol.) Enjoy Your nattō !!


Additional suggestions…

I like adding a little soy sauce on top of the yolk. Delicious!

Or you can also add some mayonnaise or butter (even margarine is OK)!


Have a wonderful Lazy Cooking Life! !