Butterfly Jar


Gorgeous, mysterious and mesmerizing.  Who doesn’t love butterflies, and always think of catching their own but, is to lazy to go play butterfly catching in the heat? MEEEEEEE~~….I found a solution!.So,


Butterfly Jar

I bought this jar the other day from Amazon.com. Its the Butterfly Collection jar, with a life like, butterfly inside that flaps around when you tap on the glass.  They come in varies types of butterflies to choose from.

I’ve chosen the monarch. The butterfly does run on 3 AAA batteries (which is already included on purchase).

The life of the gadget, considering your using AAA batteries, isn’t that long (1 month with switch “on” the whole time).

The jar itself is pretty sturdy, and it does not feel like it will break if you accidentally drop it.

One side of the jar has a butterfly engraved design on it, while the other side`s got the “butterfly collection” engraved in cursive….pretty simple, eh? (I’m not a fan of big logos display, but I’ll live)…

Moving on to the project part, now. This is what I came up with and it makes a great gift for someone or, you can use it as a decor piece for your own home.

This project is pretty simple and the pictures should be self explanatory.

PLEASE read everything BEFORE you start making your own!.

Let’s start with the jar lid. The jar lid is easily open like a regular jar.

Once you removed the gold lid, you can discard it. Next, you’ll see a white plastic lid which is the butterfly gadget.


With tweezers, carefully lift up that white lid to remove it from the jar. Be careful not to bend the wire connected to the butterfly, in the process.





I gathered a couple of different flowers to cover the opening of the jar.

The easiest to use are bouquets. With those, all you have to do is trim the stem to however short you like, and paste it onto the top of the cover.
(I like my stems to be short enough that it covers the white lid, and not leave a gap between the flower and the lid.)

TIP: The best glue to use is the adhesive glue that is used for wood. You can also try hot glue.


Be careful to not glue the flower directly on top of the switch, other wise you wont be able to turn it on!.
The stems that had been cut off from the bouquet or flower is glued to the bottom of the white lid.

Don’t paste the stem to close to the wire or your butterfly will most like get tangled around it.

Also, I snipped the stem to half the length of the jar, that way when the wire have more room to twists freely underneath. Basically, it goes under the stems, instead of in between it.

TIP: I recommend gluing the stem first BEFORE working on the bouquet (lid).


Once you got your stems finished. put that lid back onto the jar.

Once all your flowers are in place, and arranged how you want them to look, wrap some ribbon around the top of the jar……and your done!.



NOTE: You can replace the JAR as well if you don’t like the original jar. Considering the jar mouth is a pretty standard size opening, it should not be difficult to find a similar size. However, keep in mind of the length of the jar (you DON’T want it to be shorter!).




I lived in the east coast part of America all my life and now living in Japan. There are many interesting things to do on a daily and I want to share what I can.