Mackerel and Kimchi Nattō – Japanese Food –


Today’s Lazy Cooker Recipe is canned mackerel kimchi natto !

Sometimes, when I open the cabinet to look something I need,

I would notice that all the way in the back, there would be a can of fish of some sort, just sitting there.

I would have no idea when it was bought but, before the expiration date hits, it better be used!

Fortunately, you can always find some natto in the fridge so, natto it is!

Here is a recipe to try out which includes canned mackerel, and kimchi. Enjoy!


Mackerel and Kimchi Nattō


Ingredient (1 serving)

  • Natto (1 pack)
  • Mackerel cans (half is enough, but you can add one if you like)
  • Kimchi (appropriate amount)
  • Leek / Green onion (if any)


How to make

The recipe is super easy.

1) Drain the water and remove the mackerel from the can. Then crush the fish a little with a spoon


2) Cut the kimchi into small pieces (if you cut it into small pieces, it’s easy to mix!)


3)  Mix the natto with the attachment sauce (Soy source and Mustard)


4) Mix Natto, Mackerel, and Kimchi


5) Complete with rice, and sprinkle with green onions! Enjoy Your Nattō !!


Addition suggestions…

Sometimes I like to add one raw egg, to make it more creamy and a fluffy feel.


Have a wonderful Lazy Cooking Life and Japanese food! !