Cheese and bonito flakes Nattō – Japanese Food –


Today’s Lazy Recipe is Cheese and bonito flakes Nattō !

Just by reading the title, you are probably thinking, “Bonito and cheese?!”.

True, I do agree that it does sound like a strange combination, and you may be wondering whether the taste will work together or not.

But, how would you know really, until you’ve tried, right? If you need a reason to give you that push, DO IT FOR THE CHEESE!!

After all, cheese tastes great with EVERYTHING! lol.

Cheese and bonito flakes Nattō


Ingredient (1 serving)

  • Natto (1 pack)
  • Processed cheese (preferably a size that can be cut into dice. This time we use QBB that Japanese cheese)
  • Sesame oil (some. 1 teaspoon OK)
  • Dried bonito flakes (an amount you like)


How to make

It is super easy to make!!

1.  Cut the cheese into dice (cut into slices of ~ 1cm for sliced ​​cheese)


2.  Add sesame oil to cut cheese


3.  Mix the natto with the sauce (Soy source and Mustard)


4.  Mix ② and ③


5.  Put the mixed natto on rice


6.  Put as much bonito as you like and you’re done!  Enjoy Your Nattō !!


Additional suggestions…

You can also try with Cream cheese!

If you use cream cheese, you may want to add some salt when mixing it with sesame oil!

Be careful with the amount of bonito added, that you don’t choke due to the thin flakes! ! !


Have a wonderful Lazy Cooking Life and Enjoy Japanese Food!!