Floral Clip


In August, our city is holding the hanabi festival (firework) for this area.  A night of fun games, food, socializing with friends and family..all while looking cute in a yukata. Traditionally, hairstyles


Floral Clip

associated with yukatas are always up and away from your neck. Kanzashi flower are hair ornaments favorably used to match what they wear.

There are varies kanzashi flower patterns, it all depends on your own creativity.

The best thing about making your own kanzashi is you can make it simple enough that you can wear it on a regular basis, but still give your outfit a little something extra.

I bought this DIY design from Tokai Crafts store. Here’s how to make your own.


What you’ll need:

  • 8 (4cm x 4cm square, each) color fabrics
  • 2.5cm circle fabric (fabric should be thick, to use as a base to hold all petals together and prevent from going flimsy)
  • Adhesive fabric glue
  • Scissor
  • 1 Alligator clip (or brooch pen, if your making it for a clothing piece)
  • 1 Center bead (pearl,etc)



Making petals for the flower. This is instructions for ONE petals. You will need 8 petals total to form the flower.


each corner is color coded. Follow the color for the folds.

RED corner meets YELLOW.

BLUE corner goes down to meet GREEN.
BLUE corner goes up to meet RED.
REPEAT to the other side with GREEN meeting RED.


Take adhesive glue and brush a little amount over the corner where all the folds open in the picture, and seam it together (glue ONLY the edges or you wont be able to open the petals later.)

BACK, after the glue has dried



Make 7 more petals.




Open all 8 petals

2.5cm fabric for the petal glue down.


Arrange and glue down 4 petals accordingly to North West, South, East. Then fill in the spaces with the rest of the petals.
*(forgot to take picture) Add a center stone in the center, and let dry.
Back view
You done!!



NOTE: *Glue the alligator clip onto the back and let dry.



I lived in the east coast part of America all my life and now living in Japan. There are many interesting things to do on a daily and I want to share what I can.