How to Identify a Real Dyson vs. Fake


At the beginning of 2019, the local Shanghai, China police busted a group of people who were illegally producing and selling counterfeit Dyson hair dryers.  It wasn’t until later that fall, Dyson Ltd became aware of the situation, due to customers ‘ complaints of faulty merchandise.

I had my eye on the Dyson supersonic ionic hairdryer, for quite a while. I had first tested it out in one of the electronic departments and was ready to buy it- until I saw the big price tag. With a retail price between $400-$500, it doesn’t come as a surprise for people to hunt for a cheaper price. I was going to wait for it to get a little cheaper in price, but I’m an impatient person so, that didn’t last long.


How to Identify a Real Dyson vs. Fake

There are several websites such as eBay, Yahoo Auction, and Amazon, where you can find many great deals on just about anything. But many of these sites are open-market; anyone can sell anything, and this is where it can become a problem with the authenticity of the item. I purchased my Dyson dryer from an online flea-market website. As I was searching for a “New, Unused” or “Like New”, Dyson. I came across many that were highly suspicious that I’m certain they were fakes.

Don’t get scammed!.


Plug Types

These are the most common types I would see on a fake. I’ve noticed that not all Dyson shares the same plug model design. For example, dryers being sold in America has a different plug design than the ones being sold in the UK. With this in mind, I hope you have an idea of what it should and shouldn’t look like.


This type is the easiest identification for a fake.

UK model has a similar circular shape as this one. However, the 3-prongs in design does not match the standard UK plug. A quick google will show you.


This is the US model.

I couldn’t find an image showing the other side of the plug, but if you compare this to the fake one, this one is a more gunmetal grey and not black.

This is the Japan model.

The Control Buttons

The buttons on the dryer are probably the easy way to indicate whether or not your Dyson is authentic.


The power bottom does NOT have an inner white ring.


All Dyson dryer has the inner white ring on the power button switch.

Final Thoughts and Advice

I also have another trick but this is a bit harder. I used this method on one that is labeled as “New/Unopened”. How I would spot a fake is by looking at the power button on the box!. The item in the box would look the same as the actual item inside. I say this one is a little tricky because the image can be a bit small or low quality. For me, however, after staring at many MANY boxes, I’ve learned to spot the differences.

Dyson products are not cheap, in general. My advice is really to just pay close attention to the item before you hit the “Buy” button (unless it’s a legit Dyson distributor). Don’t be afraid to ask sellers questions, about the item. Also, if you need more images (or specific images), ask!.

Also, compare the item between multiple sellers and rule the odd ones out. while doing this, you can compare the different damages (scratches, missing parts, etc.).

These are just some of the things you can look for and do to be safe. Please remember to be careful and shop wisely.



I lived in the east coast part of America all my life and now living in Japan. There are many interesting things to do on a daily and I want to share what I can.