Karubi taishō BBQ Restaurant (カルビ大将)


Have you tried, or want to try Japanese BBQ? The other day, I went to my favorite yakiniku restaurant chain, located in Ina city, here in Nagano. I feel the restaurants outside bigger cities, like Tokyo, tend to taste better. Not to mention cheaper, too!. Yakiniku’s similar to Korean BBQ but, not really.


Karubi taishō BBQ Restaurant

The only similarity I can point out is both grilling meat over a fire. Personally, I prefer Japanese BBQ more, for the side orders available and of course… THE MEAT!.



It is a very popular shop to eat at, so it’s always packed (especially, on weekends).

The tables at this location are all booths. It is a buffet restaurant, which is AWESOME~!.

The pricing varies depending on the buffet menu you prefer. In my view, the prices are really good considering the amount of food you get, and the choices to choose from.

The price is per person. You can order as much as you want within the 90 minutes.

If you continue to order something after the time is up, you’ll be charged separately for it (which is still pretty good, in my opinion).

BUT! don’t order more then you can finish, or you will have to pay for that wasted food.




This is the menu I always go with. It gives you everything, including the selections from the first 2 menus!. There is also the option of ordering from the tablet as well, it’s quicker that way too.
NOTE: There are a couple of other menus (lunch), which is cheaper. But, these are the 3 menus I personally, care for more.






There is also a special super-premium menu that includes the infamous kuroge wangyu beef (black-haired cow),. The moment these babies touch your tongue, they literally melt like butter!

My dad would literally scream if he saw all that fatty, JUICY, goodness being stuffed into my face!. But, come on! everyone knows the best part of beef is those fats.

Normal beef can NOT compare to these babies, and you will wish you could eat it all the time!.

If you are a meat-lover or beef lover, wangyu is a MUST on your “Things To Eat” list during your trip to Japan.

They also serve pork as well, which are pretty good!

I love pork belly, and this pork strip that’s garnished with garlic, salt and pepper…so, YUM!. But, the specialty here, is beef.




The first time I tried tongue, was a couple of years ago in Tokyo. With all the rave how delicious it was, I was pretty disappointed I didn’t like it. It was a bit rough, and chewy, blah! Fast forward 5 years later, and I was forced to give it another try.

OMG! I LOVE IT!…With tongue, I think it’s a hit or miss with restaurants. This is one place that did not disappoint! It was thin, less drying. Best of all, it didn’t have this “tongue taste” or indescribable, not good taste.

ALSO! best of all, NO rubber band struggle! There are some of the many choices of side orders.

Honestly, I can not complain about the side orders.

They are all very good!. Personally, I tend to go simple on side orders just only so that I can eat more meat!.

But, according to the people that aren’t as simple as me says, “everything is delic~!”




I love the Japanese desert. I love anything strawberry. I’m not a big fan of ice cream but Japanese ice cream taste so fresh and… nonartificial… *thumbs ups*

As of drinks…mmm, I always get the same thing, coke/Pepsi. But, they got other drinks, like tea, lemon water, and different liquor available, too.


More Info: Find one near you!.




I lived in the east coast part of America all my life and now living in Japan. There are many interesting things to do on a daily and I want to share what I can.

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