Mascara hacks


There is nothing more annoying then a mascara drying up after a few uses, especially when it’s not cheap!. You would expect the price tag to reflex the quality of the item. But, it’s OK!…just breath.



Mascara hacks

All you need is your favorite eye drop and vitamin-E oil.

I use Rohto “Cool” (the green bottle). Depending on how dry the mascara is, I suggest you start off with 5 drops of eye drop into the tube of mascara.

Then,close the tube and shake the tube repeatedly to mix everything together.

If you find it the mascara still dry, add another couple drops of eye drops again, and repeat.

OPTIONAL: Add 1 drop of Vitamin-E oil.(I like to add it because the oil help’s nourish my lashes.)




Apart from dried up mascaras…removing mascara is a pain in the….! (for ME!).

Especially, when it’s waterproof mascara. I feel my eyelash crumbling away with every rub of the cloth, ha ha ha.

Here’s a more gentler way you can remove mascara using your favorite oil base makeup remover.

First, take an empty tube. (clean and dried)

Second, add the oil base makeup remover into the tube. And that’s it!.

To use, take a clean wand and dip it into the tube.

Coat you lashes as you would with a normal mascara, and wait a minute or 2, before you whip it off with a cloth/tissue.

You will find removing mascaras so much more easier and gentler on those precious lashes..and your eyeballs.

NOTE: I used an empty lash serum tube to store the makeup remover. You can use a mascara tub as well, just make sure it’s thoroughly clean before you use it.



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