Mascara hunting! Part:1 (Fasio Mascaras)


Don’t you just hate it when you have to find a new favorite mascara? Since being in Japan, it’s been SUCH a long, and annoying, frustrating… STRUGGLE to find a new mascara.Given, Japanese drugstore does carry some foreign brands like, Maybelline, and Loreal. But, the price is more then double the price from what I pay back in the states. I should might as well purchase from a high end brand like, M.A.C, YSL, Makeup Forever, etc.


Fasio Mascaras

If you prefer waterproof formula mascaras and fiber doesn’t bother you, then I think you would really enjoy Japanese brands mascaras.

It’s really hard NOT to find one that isn’t a waterproof, or that DOESN’T contain fiber in them (waterproof/non-waterproof).

I really do like the different effects that each mascaras that I’ve tried gave but, I just can’t get pass the waterproof bit.

But, FINALLY!…. I think I’ve found something I can work with…for now.

FASIO (by Kose), is by far the best drugstore mascara I’ve tried so far.

The line carries both in normal and waterproof. I haven’t tried the waterproof version but, the non-waterproof comes off fairly easy with warm water (without a makeup remover).

The mascara applies on pretty nicely but, what I enjoy most about theses is that it feels very light on your lashes and is still soft and flexible to the touch. Here’s my thoughts on three of them.


FASIO volume (black)

volume-2 volume volume
Thickens the lashes pretty nicely with one coat. Settled, but nice. With the wand being slightly curved, the short bristles coats the lashes easily, and nicely separates them as well.


FASIO long (black)

length length long2

I’m not a big fan of fiber mascara but, living in Japan is something you can’t really avoid. FASIO long mascara contain’s fiber strains in them to help lengthen your lashes.

Maybe it’s the formula in these or because they’re shorter fibers, I don’t hate them as much. The result on the first coating is not bad at all. There is a noticeable difference.

Very natural looking. (Forgot to apply for bottom lashes in last pic!)


Final thoughts..

The good: Very natural looking. Stay put all day, no flasks, no smudge, soft, light, holds curls pretty well. Gives lashes a bit of a natural curl.  Removes easily with warm water.

The bad: Not very build able, Clumpy after 2nd coat. If you want super dramatic lashes, this probably isn’t for you.

Overall… I LIKE IT!.



What mascara can you NOT live without?



I lived in the east coast part of America all my life and now living in Japan. There are many interesting things to do on a daily and I want to share what I can.