Mayonnaise and Corn Nattō – Japanese Food –


Today’s Lazy Recipe is Mayonnaise and Corn Nattō !

This is one creamy dish that you need to try!

While the corn adds a bit of sweetness, the mixture of mayonnaise and natto makes this dish delicious and easy to make.

!!! Please remember to use Japanese mayonnaise(e.g. Kewpie Mayo), as the taste is very different from the traditional American/Western mayonnaise!.


Mayonnaise and Corn Nattō


Ingredient (1 serving)

  • Natto (1 pack)
  • 20g corn (Any amount is OK!)
  • Japanese Mayonnaise 10g (Any amount is OK!)


How to make

1. Mix corn and mayonnaise


2. Mix the natto and the attachment sauce (Soy source and Mustard)


3. Mix mayo corn and natto


4. Put it on rice and it’s done!



Enjoy the crunchy texture of the corn and the easy-natto taste!

It was so easy, it was so delicious!

* By the way, the string of slim can be pretty long! ! Lol


Have a wonderful Lazy Cooking Life and Enjoy Japanese Food!!