Soho Hotel Onsen Resort


While every other city is all warmed up by now, Matsumoto is still super chilly, especially from evening until morning! So~~~~~~~, to combat this crazy Nagano weather, there is only one solution. ONSEN!!!! duh~~~~~~~~~,lol.


Soho Hotel Onsen Resort

Well, to be fair… you can go to an onsen any day, any time, any month (you get the picture..) you want.

So, Nagano prefecture is pretty famous for their onsen resorts, and as silly as it may sound, considering how long I’ve been living in Japan…, I’ve sadly only been to two or three (not including one I stayed at but, never tried the public baths)  a famous resort here in Matsumoto, that sits at the bottom of an alp.

This is the first onsen that I’ve been to that was kind of like a hotel setting. It’s a really big building.

The location is super gorgeous, with the alps behind the building.

Upon arrival, the staff members come out to greet you and help with your belongings.

All I can say is, everyone is super nice and super friendly and helpful. You check-in and, go to your room.

The hotel has a big lobby area for check-in. There is also a souvenir shop, game center (on another floor), a garden area you can walk through, and different areas within the hotel that serves different purposes, for everyone to enjoy.

There is also a rest area near the rooms.

A standard double room, with a safe box and, a gorgeous view of the city.

In case your wondering about accommodation, Soho comes with everything you would expect (hairdryer, shampoo/conditioner, towels, room service, free wifi, breakfast, etc. ).


Yukata you can change into.

Three-course dinner. YUM!.

BATH TIME! The path to the onsen (bathhouse). You can book a room during check-in.

There are three to choose from. There is also, of course, the public one which you don’t have to pay extra for.

Upon entering, you get a changing room then, next to it is the washing room where you scrub yourself down first before you actually soak into the hot spring. So~~~warm and relaxing~.

It is outside, but no worries! fences surround the area, and nobody but, nature.

Overall, I really enjoyed myself at this hotel. Wonderful hospitality, with a very relaxing atmosphere. A definite place to go to get away for a whole from the busy city.







I lived in the east coast part of America all my life and now living in Japan. There are many interesting things to do on a daily and I want to share what I can.