Scrambled Eggs And Nattō – Japanese Food –


Today’s Lazy Cooker Recipe is a  Soft-boiled Scrambled Egg And Natto!

Nothing like a good scrambled egg in the morning, which is why this recipe is perfect for breakfast.

It’s a little something different from what you’ll usually see, served with scrambled eggs.

It’s quick, simple and delicious!

Scrambled Eggs And Nattō


Ingredient (1 serving)

  • Natto (1 pack)
  • Egg (one)
  • Soy sauce, Men-tsuyu, salt (Anything to flavor the egg a little)
  • Green onion


How to make

The recipe is easy.

1) Melt raw eggs and season to taste. (With soy sauce, mentsuyu, salt, etc.)


2) Make soft-boiled scrambled eggs


3) Mix the natto with the sauce (Soy source and Mustard)


4) Put natto on rice


5) Place soft-boiled scrambled eggs on top of  natto and rice(No.4)


6) Complete with green onions on top! Enjoy Your Nattō !!


In Addition…

Mayo may be added on top of the scrambled egg!
※Do not use western Mayonnaise, Use Japanese Mayonnaise (e.g. Kewpie Mayo)

Also, it is delicious if you put bonito and add sesame seeds!


Have a wonderful Lazy Cooking Life! !