Kawafune Soba Shop


Strolling around at night in Matsumoto city is chilly, especially during the fall seasons heading towards the winter months.

If your planing to do any bit of walking, dress warm!. But, in case you’ve under estimated Nagano’s weather (like I always do), have no fear! there are plenty of shops and cafes to warm yourself up!.


Kawafune Soba Shop

November nights falls quicker then usual. By the time it was 5:30 pm, the sun had already gone to sleep.

Halloween is over . No more trick or treat’n for the little kids along with bar hop’n for the adults.

It was getting pretty chilly, and a little tired out from walking around the city all night, my husband got hungry so, we stopped at this soba shop, “川船そば (Kawafune soba)” that was located right outside the park entrance #7.




The shop is small and a little snugged. The walls filled with famous signatures from celebrities  who had eaten there before.

The chairs are …kind of small so, part of my butt was hanging off, lol. Overall, it’s a cozy, clean, looking shop.




The menu is in Japanese. However, they do have a recommendation menu which that one is in English.

The shop has a wide selection of soba and somen dishes to choose from.I’m not sure if they also serve ramen, though. I had the tempura soba, and it was pretty good.

It had enoki mushroom, fish, I think eggplant was in there as well too, along with sweet potatoes and green pepper.Everything was set in a bonito soup base that didn’t taste greasy and just blended nicely together.

I’m surprised the fish didn’t have a fishy stench. It was so fresh, and crunchy from the outside, soft from the inside.Don’t worry about fish bones, as they are small and soft enough to chew and swallow.

The soba was soft but, not mushy (not to mention, low in calories!).I’m not a big anything noodles fan but, if your in Japan you just have to check some out and give them a try.





I lived in the east coast part of America all my life and now living in Japan. There are many interesting things to do on a daily and I want to share what I can.