Tomyo Matsuri (Light Festival)


On Saturday, I took a trip 1 hour trip from Matsumoto, to Nagano city. It was the last weekend for the city’s light festival at Zenkoji Temple. The parking was PACK!, and the show starts at 6p.m.but, there we were still driving, waiting for someone, to get in their car and go home so we can go in!. In the end, we ended up parking the car at a school and hope we won’t get a ticket when we get back to the car.

So…I tried to look up some information about this light festival but, seems to be not much info on it.


Tomyo Matsuri (Light festival)

It seems to be similar to summer’s lantern festival though however, but not very. Starting from the bottom of the hill, and making its way up to the temple, the street is lite up with lights, and attractions.

You can find little games along the street, and little activities to do. The area has a long history. You can see it when you look at surrounding architecture. There is an old post office that still stands (2nd pic, with the ninja dude).

It feels like I was in one of those old setting Japanese ninja/fighting games, lol.

The streets are noisy, warm, and alive. There are loads of food shops along the way, and they are SO YUMMY! and the smell…O…M..G, I’m getting hungry just thinking about it.

I haven’t seen this town in daylight yet but, I reckon it is just as lovely, and it’s definitely one of those places you need to visit if you’re in the area.







IMG_2873 2





One of the activities along the street to stop and do. DIY lantern!


Oyaki, stuff wheat bun!. they are SO yummy.






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